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My service is usually divided into two parts:

In the Preparation part, there are four elements:

Assessment: the client takes me through their career in detail so that I have a thorough understanding of what they have done
Areas of Focus: we identify two or a maximum of three Areas of Focus – each consisting of a function and a sector – to concentrate on
CV: we put together the best possible CV
Interview technique: we discuss this and then practise until we are
both happy with the outcome

We then move on to the Job Search. I believe that job opportunities come from four sources: advertised vacancies, search firms (the ‘headhunters’), network contacts and Special Approaches to companies. It is vital that we work across all of these sources all the time and I work together with my client to ensure that we do that.

I am usually in touch with my clients every day by phone or by email and I like to meet my client at least once a fortnight. One of my clients said that working with me was like having a personal trainer – I like the analogy!
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