Hello! Welcome to my website. I provide a carefully tailored outplacement service for senior executives who are looking for a new role.

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What’s special about my service?

• I only work with a very small number of clients at any one time
• It’s therefore a very personal service
• I work with my clients in a very proactive way

I help my clients assess their current situation, consider what they want to do next in a focused way, prepare their CV, sharpen up their interview technique and look for the next role – be it full-time, part-time, interim or portfolio - using advertised vacancies, the headhunters, networking and special approach letters to help us.

My aim is to provide the best outplacement service available – discreet, confidential, effective.

"Jonathan’s personal approach has provided support and encouragement way beyond my expectations. ..he has gone the extra mile in helping me to prepare for interviews that proved invaluable in securing an exciting new role."
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