Es: medical oncology surgical oncology gynecologic oncology general radiation oncology   home > health info library > cancer > cancer types cancer types - hodgkin's disease hodgkin's disease what is the lymphatic system? The lymphatic system is part of the immune system, whose function is to fight disease and infections. The lymphatic system includes: lymph - fluid in which the lymphocyte cells are suspended. Lymph vessels - thin tubes that carry lymph fluid throughout the body. cheap viagra Lymphocytes - cells that fight infection and disease. viagra online store review Lymph nodes - bean-shaped organs, found in the underarm, groin, neck, and abdomen, that act as filters for the lymph fluid as it passes through them. viagra for sale in uk What is hodgkin's disease? Hodgkin's disease is a type of lymphoma, a cancer in the lymphatic system. viagra online The american cancer society estimates that in 2005 about 7,350 new cases of hodgkin’s disease will be diagnosed. viagra pills for cheap About 10 percent to 15 percent of cases are found in children 16 years old and younger. Hodgkin's disease causes the cells in the lymphatic system to abnormally reproduce, eventually making the body less able to fight infection. Hodgkin's disease cells can also spread to other organs. What are the symptoms of hodgkin's disease? generic viagra viagra and viagra The following are the most common symptoms of hodgkin's disease. cheap viagra online However, each individual may experience symptoms differently. Symptoms may include: painless swelling of lymph nodes in neck, underarm, and groin fever night sweats fatigue weight loss itching of the skin the symptoms of hodgkin's disease may resemble other blood disorders or medical problems, such as influenza or other infections. Generic forms viagra Always consult your physician for a diagnosis. What is a risk factor? viagra professional 100 mg pills A risk factor is anything that may increase a person’s chance of developing a disease. It may be an activity, such as smoking, diet, family history, or many other things. buy generic viagra online cheap Different diseases, including cancers, have different risk factors. viagra and grapefruit Although these factors can increase a person’s risk, they do not necessarily cause the disease. viagra v s viagra Some people with one or more risk factors never develop cancer, while others develop cancer and have no known risk factors. order viagra online usa But, knowing your risk factors to any disease can help to guide you into the appropriate actions, including changing behaviors and being clinically monitored for the disease. real viagra without a doctor prescription What are the risk factors for hodgkin's disease? how old do you have to be to get a prescription for viagra Suggested risk factors for hodgkin's disease include the following: infection with infectious mononucleosis age hodgkin's disease occurs most often in people between ages 15 and 34, and in people over the age of 55. buy cheap viagra pills online Gender hodgkin's disease is more common in men than in women. Family history brothers and sisters of those with hodgkin's disease have a higher-than-average chance of developing this disease. Viruses epstein-barr virus may be associated with an increased risk of hodgkin's disease. Viagra in canada over the counter Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (aids) h. viagra online store review


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